sensual sex slave ass

December 17, 2013 | Posted in How it all started | By

As I already said somewhere here I have always felt I wanted to be a sex slave. I did not know how to become one, however, so I tried different things. For example, I placed ads in some paper magazines, saying “Obedient sex slave looking for a training with a Master” or something similar, but for some reasons this didn’t work.

I mean I did get a lot of attention but it all crashed when it came to details. I never considered becoming a sort of a weekend toy for a bondage session, or for a one-off fucking spree. Also, I didn’t fancy turning into a regular prostitute and just get paid for giving ass or head.

No, I wanted something much more intimate, addictive and, well, perverted. I wanted to go ALL in. Bridges burned, dice cast (EDGY is the word?). None of the guys that contacted me (yes, there were a few dominatrixes, but I was only interested in men) was really into getting me on board full-time, for dozens of reasons. Some of them did get pretty excited when I explained what I was looking for, but they quickly backed off when realized this actually meant taking a human pet home – making it all work was beyond them.

So, the adult mags didn’t do the job – I turned to the web and tried to find someone on those chats and adult forums. But guess what. Changing paper mags for online chats didn’t help at all. It quickly turned out most of the guys would never walk the walk.

Oh yes, they were all bossy and harsh and all, would call me names and command to do this and that (which I gladly did at first before I got instructed by my Master to do the same thing on cams and earn my upkeep) but this was all kindergarten. And virtual, on top of that.

The guys thought I was some sort of a sex-chat, cyber-sex junkie and when I tried to explain what I was after they thought I was nuts. Never took me seriously enough, anyway. Their loss, I guess.

So guess what happened one day. I left my computer on one day and went to the loo and before it snoozed into password protection my mom went into the room and read my emails and saw the open chats. She wasn’t mad at me. She seemed really worried and we had that long talk that day.

I explained to her how I felt and what I needed. I told her my dream ever since I could remember was to become a real sex slave. An obedient, well trained bitch, a sex toy, a sperm container, a deep-throat, etc. Surprisingly, my mom was ok with all that only she asked why not make money from it. She said if I needed to give vent to my sexual needs I could hook up to the business out there and start seeing clients for cash.

Heh, she couldn’t get it when I said no and told her I was looking for full-time slavery. Will elaborate on this in my next post.